Youth-Led Clubs

The KLC Youth-Led Club (YLC) is an initiative of KLC, Uganda, with support from US Peace Corps volunteers. The goals of this club are:

1) to empower young people through the process of meaningful youth engagement,

2) to improve the social and economic situations of youth through YLC activities (e.g., entrepreneurship trainings, leadership opportunities, etc.), and

3) to improve the communities in which YLC members live through service projects (e.g., sexual and reproductive health community events). More than merely treating young people as beneficiaries, the YLC gives them a space to identify their needs, choose specific activities that benefit their communities, and design, implement, and evaluate these activities. KLC staff act as facilitators, but the youth are the drivers of YLC programming.

KLC was awarded a grant from the USAID-funded YouthPower Learning Project to document the activities of the club in a set of nine videos. The videos will give YLC members who have been meaningfully involved in club programming the opportunity to genuinely share their experiences, ideas, and reflections. Questions we will explore include:

  • What are the challenges, benefits, value, and lessons learned around youth-led programming?
  • What facilitates successful youth-led programming and what hinders it?
  • What skills and experience are the most beneficial in helping youth develop their own projects?

YLC members, especially the leadership team, will be involved in concepting, designing, and shooting the videos. They will have the opportunity to structure the videos, give their perspective in interviews, conduct interviews with other youth and community members, take part in the technical shooting of the video (after some training on video equipment operation), and participate in post-production.

Please see the links to our first three videos below:

Video 1: Concept, Impacts, and Expectations
Video 2: Recruitment and Club Structure
Video 3: Needs Assessment, Prioritization, and Decision-Making